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Accel Conceptions for International Parents

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Accel Conceptions works with individuals and couples wishing to become parents through Surrogacy and/or Egg Donation from all over the world.
Surrogacy in the United States is the safest choice for international Intended Parents. We work with IVF clinics that have the most advanced labs and most experienced doctors in the industry. We also partner with attorneys familiar with local requirements and regulations, the attorneys can ensure that international parents will have all documents in a timely manner and safely return home with your baby.
The financial team ensures transparency and timely execution. If English is not your first language, the team can provide a translated escrow account ledger.
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Our dedicated support team is experienced in helping Intended Parents who live abroad to travel to the United States. The team will be there with your Surrogate for every milestone. Your Surrogate will keep you updated as well.
Intended Parents usually travel to the U.S. to their Surrogate‘s city a few weeks before the birth of the baby to prepare for the arrival. We will provide guidance for you to book your travel to the U.S. and accommodations. We do everything to make you feel at home. 
Depending on the requirements in your country, you may need to stay in the U.S. for a few weeks and up to a month while obtaining your baby’s passport and all travel documents. We will work closely with your legal team to guide you the whole way, so you can focus on bonding and taking care of you baby.
From beginning to end, your Accel Conceptions case manager will guide, advocate, coordinate and manage all aspects of your journey to parenthood. We ensure all Intended Parents receive the highest level of care and service.