Process & Timeline - Surrogates

Surrogacy is a life-changing journey for everyone involved. If you are interested in how to become a Surrogate, it’s very important to get a good understanding of the commitment you’ll make and each step of the process.


Surrogate Process

Creating a profile

1. Application & Intake Process
Timeline: 1-4 weeks

Once you contact us for an inquiry or more information, our Surrogate intake manager will contact you to schedule a consultation and answer any questions you might have.  The next step is once all required documents are returned. Also, during this time, we will also complete a pre-screening. This pre-screening consists of criminal background check, a cursory review of prenatal and birth records, and final interview process.
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2. Matching
Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Here at Accel Conceptions, we have Intended Parents excited to start, and they are waiting to meet you. Meeting available Intended Parents is one of the most exciting phases of the Surrogacy journey. When making a match, we will keep in mind the type of Intended Parents you’d like to be matched with as well as your preferences on the number of embryos to transfer. When we have Intended Parents interested in working with you, we will share their profile with you. When both parties are interested, we coordinate a video call to formally meet each other. Once you are ‘officially’ matched, you and your Intended Parents can communicate with each other in whatever way you all feel comfortable.
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3. Medical Screening & Psychological Screening
Timeline: 1-2 Months

Before attending the medical screening, a psychological evaluation for you will be conducted by a psychologist. This is to help ensure that you understand the commitment of being a Surrogate and that you are emotionally prepared to proceed. Once you pass the evaluation, we will forward your medical records to the IP’s IVF clinic for review. Our years of experience help to ensure that this will go smoothly since we will know the specific requirements of clinics. The nurse will contact you to schedule the medical screening. If the IVF clinic is not local to you, travel arrangement will be made on your behalf.  During the appointment, you will complete comprehensive testing, including a blood test, STD screening, ultrasound, drug/nicotine use, etc. The IVF doctor will also discuss the medical process with you during this appointment. Once you are medically cleared by the doctor, we will then move to legal phase.
Legal contract

4. Gestational Surrogacy Contract (GSA)
Timeline: 3-4 weeks

After we receive the medical clearance from your IVF clinic, we will coordinate your counsel with a third-party reproductive attorney to start the work on drafting the Gestational Surrogacy Contract. This contract is between the Intended Parent(s), Surrogate and their partner (if applicable). It will cover the Surrogate’s compensation and expenses, life insurance, medical insurance, parental rights, location of delivery, medical decisions during the pregnancy, liability for complications, etc. You will have your own attorney review the contract. The two attorneys will handle any requested revisions and negotiations from both parties.After the contract is finalized and signed by all parties, the Intended Parent escrow account will need to be funded with the predetermined amount to cover all your compensation and reimburse expenses.
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5. Monitoring Appointments & Embryo Transfer
Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Once the IVF clinic receives the legal clearance, you will work with the IVF clinic to confirm an embryo transfer plan. The clinic will give you instructions on how to take the medications and we will also be there to support you. You will likely have weekly blood work and ultrasound monitoring for about four weeks to make sure your body is responding well to the medications. When the doctor confirms you body is ready, you will go to the IVF clinic for the embryo transfer! (A short trip of 3-4 days is needed if you are not local to the IVF clinic)
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6. Pregnancy and Parental Rights Establishment
Timeline: 9 Months

Your first HCG (pregnancy) test will typically be ten (10) days after the embryo transfer, and hopefully, we will be getting that great news from IVF clinic – YOU’RE PREGNANT! After HCG confirms pregnancy, you will have an ultrasound to confirm heartbeat at about six (6) weeks. Around nine (9) weeks, you will be released to your OBGYN for prenatal care. Around 20 weeks of pregnancy, the attorney will initiate the documents required for the birth order process. These documents are presented to the courts to establish your Intended Parents’ parental rights to the child/children. During the nine (9) months of pregnancy, you will be responsible for updating your Intended Parents after each appointment, and our support team will check in with everyone. You may contact them weekly to give them updates and share photos.
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7. Delivery and Case Closure
Timeline: 2-3 Days

Before the delivery, we will help you work on the birth plan. This is an essential document for the delivery hospital so that everyone knows you and your Intended Parent’s wishes during the birth. In most cases, your Intended Parents will arrive in your city a week or two before the due date. You will notify them and us once you go into labor. Finally, the BIG day is here. You will witness your Intended Parents meeting their baby for the first time and you have helped them grow their family. The escrow account is closed one year after birth to ensure all medical bills are paid in full.