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A Surrogate’s Point of View:
An Interview With a Proven Surrogate

November 2, 2022 by accel conceptions A Surrogate's Journey

At Accel Conceptions, we are honored to have such dedicated surrogates who gladly lend their bodies to hopeful parents as a host for their embryos. Each surrogate has their story and their reasons for why they choose surrogacy. For today’s post, we get the inside scoop in an interview with one of our surrogates who is pursuing her fourth journey. 

“What inspired you to carry a child for another family?”
I knew in my early 20s that surrogacy was something I wanted to do! I spent six years working in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and saw so many scenarios. Some devastating and some absolutely breathtaking, including surrogacy stories. I was inspired immediately and knew it was something I wanted to do. Looking into it further, one of the requirements was that I would first have to have a child of my own. Fast forward about seven years to when I delivered my son. He was around six weeks old when I started researching surrogacy agencies and, now, here I am- three surrogate babies later!

“Was your partner, parents, and children understanding and supportive?”
I have not had a partner throughout my journeys; however, my family is more than supportive of me every time! My family has met most of my Intended Parents (IPs) throughout my journeys as well. I have a 6-year-old son that has been old enough to understand more recently and he is great. He was less than two years old when I delivered my first surrogate baby and never realized anything even happened. He now understands there is a baby that is in my belly, but it lives with another family, and he prefers it that way — haha! 

How did you build a relationship with the intended parents during the journey?” 
I have had some extraordinary Intended Parents throughout my journeys. I easily connected with each one on a different level, and we discussed what communication standards we had for each other right from the beginning stages of matching. On some journeys, we chose to be very close and hands-on, on others we had a distant relationship with no long-term connection. Each journey is unique and that is important to remember.  

“Do you have any advice for intended parents looking to start their journey?”
My advice to Intended Parents is to know what kind of surrogate would match your family dynamic. Do you want to talk daily, weekly, or monthly? Do you want your surrogate to be involved in watching the surrogate baby grow? These things are important to establish early to create a smooth and comfortable journey between you and your surrogate. This should be a wonderful experience for you both — whatever that looks like to you.  

“Are you still in touch with the family?” 
Absolutely! My first international journey was in Israel, and I even visited their hometown. That surrogate baby is now 4 and we still have frequent contact, mostly on special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and major events. We will see each other again one day, I am sure of it. My second international journey is the opposite story, we had infrequent communication during pregnancy. This does not mean the communication, feelings towards one another, or the journey was bad in any way. In fact, it was very pleasant. We just established early on that we were going to have a more independent journey. I met the Intended Mother (IM) once at the hospital and there has been no contact since, and that is okay. Every journey I have done was exactly what it was supposed to be and I would do it all again and not change a thing. 

At Accel Conceptions, we pride ourselves on curating the best matches between surrogate and IP based on personality, expectations, and ethics. Each journey is as unique as the parents and surrogates involved. If you are ready to begin your journey, contact our caring case managers.
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