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We know each journey is unique; here’s a brief introduction to your journey to parenthood.

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Your Journey to Parenthood Starts Here.

We understand that Egg Donation and Surrogacy are not only an emotional journey, but also a significant financial commitment. Every team member at Accel Conceptions oversees your journey’s elements and connects you with the top professionals for your specific needs.
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Preparation & Planning

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Consultation with Accel Conceptions

Once you submit your application form, we will schedule a consultation to discuss the process, fees, your criterias, listen to your preferences and answer any questions you might have. You'll have the opportunity to learn about our many customizable program options and choose the one that best suits you. After the meeting, we will provide a detailed program process and cost timeline for your consideration. Once you have decided to work with us, your case manager will reach out to get the paper work done first. Our team of coodinators and managers will initial your journey at Accel Conceptions and support you every step of the way.
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Sign agreement and collect documents

Once you've signed on with us, your case manager will assit you in creating a profile and collect other documents needed. Your journey to parenthood will start from here! If you already have an IVF clinic or already have embryos created, that's great! If you don't, we can always help you find an ideal IVF Clinic for you, as we work with many well-known clinics around the country. If you require an EGG DONOR, matching with a donor will be one of the first thing to do. If you are living aboard, we could work with you seamlessly.

Egg Donation

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Match with your EGG DONOR

We will document the requirements first, and will provide Egg Donor profiles based on your criterias and preferences to save you time and energy. The EGG DONOR's full profile including photos, and detailed personal information (physical traits, her family health history, ethnic background, personality, interests, education, talents, etc. ) will be presented to you. When you find an EGG DONOR you are interested in, we will reach out to the EGG DONOR to confim the match. An EGG DONOR Case Manager will be assigned to you and will guide throughout the entire process.
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Establish your EGG DONATION escrow

Once matched with an EGG DONOR, we will immediately confirm a cost sheet including a detailed cost breakdown and payment timeline with you. You will need to establish your escrow account for the EGG DONATION. The escrow account disburses funds for payments associated with the EGG DONATION arrangements.
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Psycholocial evaluations and medical screening

Once a match has been officially made, the donor will need to complete a psychological evaluation by a psychologist. This evaluation includes a clinical interview with the donor to learn more about her life and her family history, and make sure she's committed and emotionally prepared for the EGG DONATION.

The EGG DONOR will travel to your IVF clinic for a comprehensive medical screening to get medically cleared. The screening includes a blood test, STD screening, ultrasound, drug/nicotine use, etc. If your donor's trip to the IVF clinic involves long distance travelling, the IVF clinic will find a local IVF clinic for your donor to attend future monitoring appointments.
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Retain your attorney and confirm EGG DONATION contract

Once the donor is medically cleared, you will retain a third-party reproductive attorney and begin work on the legal contract with your EGG DONOR. This contract will cover the donor's compensation and expenses, control of the eggs/embryo, and parentage of any children that result from the EGG DONATION, etc.

Your donor will have her own attorney to review the contract. When the contract between the you and your donor is finalized and signed, a legal clearance will be sent to your IVF doctor.
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Egg Retrieval Cycle Plan and Medications

Your IVF doctor will issue an egg retrieval cycle plan for you and your EGG DONOR. They will also order medications for the donor, give medicaiton instructions and arrange local monitoring for the cycle (if applicable). This process takes about four weeks, including medication time, monitoring appointments and travel.

Throughout this process we will keep constant contact with your donor to make sure she understands all of her instructions and is doing her medications properly. We will also keep you updated on the result of each appinmtnet she attends.
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Egg Retrieval and Embryo Creation

The egg retrieval will take place at your IVF clinic. Once eggs are retrieved, they will be fertilized into embryos at the clinic. You will receive updates from your IVF clinic on the embryos created. The IVF clinic will report to you the number of eggs retrieved and fertilized soon after the retrieval.

Many INTENDED PARENTS choose to complete genetic testing of their embryos (PGT testing) to aid in determining which embryos are most likely to achieve pregnancy. All the embryos will be frozen for future transfer.
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EGG DONATION Cycle Closure

The EGG DONOR’s compensation will be paid from the escrow account after we receive egg retrieval update from the IVF clinic, then the escrow account will be closed and you’ve successfully completed your EGG DONATION cycle.


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Match with your SURROGATE

This is one of the most exciting phases of your journey. You will be finding the amazing woman who will help you grow your family. We pre-screen every prospective SURROGATE before we send you their profiles because we want our INTENDED PARENTS to match with the highest quality SURROGATE the first time. This pre-screening consists of a credit and criminal background check for the SURROGATE, a cursory review of prenatal and birth records and a virtual home study.

Your case manager will use the your profile created earlier to find the best SURROGATE match based on your criterias. Once you have found a SURROGATE you like, we will exchange your profile and the SURROGATE's. If both parties are interested, we will schedule an video call for you. Your case manager will guide the conversation and ask necessary questions to help you get to know each other.

After the video call, both parties have 48 hours to decide if they are ready to proceed. We will also confirm with you the cost sheet again and answer any questions you have while you consider. If everyone says "YES!", you will be officially be matched!
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Establish your SURROGACY escrow account

You will establish and fund an escrow account after the match is officially made. The escrow account disburses payments and expenses associated with the SURROGACY arrangements. Your first escrow deposit covers official screening costs.

All expenses are paid based upon the terms agreed to in your Gestational SURROGACY Contract. Your case manager will also provide oversight and acts as quality control in the provision of funds.
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Psychological evaluations and medical screening

A psychological evaluation for you SURROGATE will be conducted by a professional. This is to help ensure that your SURROGATE understand the commitment of being a SURROGATE and that she is emotionally prepared to proceed. Once she passes the evaluation, we will forward your SURROGATE medical records to your IVF clinic for review. Your surrogate will go to your IVF clinic for her medical screening once her medical records pass the review. This is an important day of testing and examinations done by your IVF doctor team.

Once your SURROGATE is medically cleared by your doctor, we will then move to legal phase.
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Gestational SURROGACY Contract (GSA) and escrow funding

After we receive the medical clearance from your IVF clinic, we will coordinate your counsel with a third-party reproductive attorney to start the work on drafting the Gestational SURROGACY Contract. This contract is between the INTENDED PARENT(s), SURROGATE and their partner (if applicable), and will cover surrogate's compensation and expenses, life insurance, medical insurance, parental rights, location of delivery, medical decisions during the pregnancy, liability for complications, etc. Then the first draft of the contract will be forwarded to your SURROGATE and her own attorney for their review. The two attorneys will handle any requested revisions and negotiations from both parties.

After the contract is finalized and signed by all parties, the escrow account will need to be funded with the predetermined amount. A legal clearance will also be sent to your IVF doctor after that.
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Embryo Transfer

Your IVF doctor will provide an official embryo transfer plan including medication information, appointments and the embryo transfer date. Your SURROGATE will have weekly blood work and ultrasound monitoring for about four weeks to make sure her body is responding well to the medications. When your doctor confirms your SURROGATE's body is ready, your SURROGATE will go to the IVF clinic for the embryo transfer! If possible,Intended Parents can attend this milestone in person and spend time with their SURROGATE. Our SURROGATE support team will be there for her, too.

If your surrogate's trip to the IVF clinic involves any long distance traveling for the embryo transfer, we will manage all medical and travel arrangements during the entirety of the process.
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Pregnancy and Parental Rights Establishment

Your SURROGATE will continue medications according to the doctor's instructions. Your surrogate will continue her monitoring appointment to measure Hormone and medication levels. After pregnancy is confirmed by HCG, your surrogate will have an ultrasound to confirm heartbeat at around 6 weeks. Around 9 weeks, your SURROGATE will be released to her own OBGYN and will continue with ultrasound check-ins.

You'll continue to develop a strong bond with your SURROGATE as she updates you on the pregnancy and your baby. Our SURROGATE support team will check in with everyone. We are available 24/7 for support.

When the SURROGATE is between around 20 weeks pregnant, your attorney will initiate the documents required for the birth order process. These documents are presented to the courts to establish your parental rights of the child/children. You will receive a pre-birh order or a post-birth order so that your name goes on the birth certificate.
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Delivery and Escrow Account Closure

Prior to the delivery,we will help you work with your surrogate on the birth plan. This is an important document for the delivery hospital so that everyone is aware of your wishes during the SURROGATE birth. You will want to arrive in the SURROGATE's home state at least a few days before the estimated delivery date. SURROGATES are instructed to inform you and us as soon as they go into labor.

Then comes the BIG day we've all been waiting for! You can return home as a new family when the doctor releases your baby from the hospital. We will help obtain the baby's passport and all travel documents for international parents. The escrow account must remain open for 12 months post-birth in order to collect and pay all medical bills associated with the pregnancy.

After all the SURROGATE's expenses and bills are paid, the account will be closed and any remaining funds will be returned to you.