Process & Timeline - Egg Donors

By applying to be an Egg Donor, you have the chance to make dreams of parenthood come true for Intended Parents.


Egg Donor Process

Application interview

1. Application & Interview
Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Once you apply, an interview with Accel Conceptions will be scheduled to determine qualifications and to discuss the process. You’ll be asked to provide information about yourself, background, and medical history. You can also ask any questions you have to fully understand what’s Egg Donation.
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2. Creating a Profile
Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Once your application is completed, our Egg Donor case manager will reach out to you to create a profile for you and collect all documents requested. Your profile should include your physical traits, family health history, ethnic background, personality, interests, education, talents, etc. You will also select photos for your final profile. After submitting all documents, your anonymous profile will become active in the database for Intended Parents’ review. Get ready to be matched!
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3. Matching
Timeline: Varies

Your profile is on our Egg Donor database for Intended Parents to view. We will also actively reach out to Intended Parents who looking for someone that fits your profile. Once intended parents have an interest in working with you, we will reach out to you to confirm the match. Intended Parents and Egg Donors have the option to choose between two different types of Egg Donation: Open or Anonymous. After both partied confirm they would like to work together, the match is official!

4. Psychological Evaluation and Medical Screening
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

After the match is official between you and your Intended Parents, we will take your
through a psychological screening to make sure you’re fully prepared and committed to be a donor. Once you’ve passed the psychological screening, you will then complete a medical screening that consists of includes a blood test, STD screening, ultrasound, drug/nicotine use, etc. You will meet with a genetic counselor to evaluate you family history to eliminate any genetic concerns. You will also have a meeting with the nurse/doctor to go over the medical process and answer any additional questions.
Legal contract

5. Legal Contract
Timeline: 1 Week

Once you have been medically cleared, an appointment with your attorney will be scheduled to go over the Egg Donation contract. This attorney will represent you while the legal terms of your contract with the Intended Parents are worked out. This contract will cover your compensation and expenses, control of the eggs/embryos, and parentage of any children that result from the Egg Donation, etc. When the contract between you and your INTENDED PARENTS is finalized and signed, your attorney will forward a legal clearance letter to the IVF doctor and clinic.
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6. Medications and Appointments
Timeline: 3-4 weeks

The clinic will work with you to confirm an egg retrieval plan that includes your medications, appointment dates, and the estimated date for egg retrieval. If you are not local from the IP’s clinic, you can attend monitoring appointments at a local fertility clinic chosen by the IP’s clinic. By doing so, you can avoid frequent long distance traveling. You’ll have your last monitoring appointments at the Intended Parents’ IVF clinic. Your doctor will work with you to find the medications that are right for you, and the medications might be adjusted based on the results of the monitoring appointments. Throughout this process we will keep constant contact with you to make sure you understand all of your instructions and are doing medications properly. A standard egg retrieval cycle takes about two weeks until the egg retrieval.
Egg retrieval cycle closure 1

7. Egg Retrieval and Cycle Closure
Timeline: 2-3 Days

The egg retrieval process is done at your Intended Parents’ IVF clinic. The egg retrieval procedure only takes about 30 minutes with about an hour in the recovery room. The retrieval is done under a mild intravenous sedation, so you will need someone to be with you for this appointment. You should feel normal anywhere between a few days after your egg retrieval procedure. In rare cases, you may experience some mild-to-moderate abdominal cramping, spotting or bloating, feel free to contact the nurse and us if you have any questions. After the egg retrieval procedure, your will also be allowed to receive the compensation based on the contract made earlier. Then an Egg Donation cycle for you is completed.